Value through Precision in Revision Hip and Knee

Faculty: Michael Taunton, MD and James Browne, MD
Value-based  delivery and payment models are the topic of intense debate within the orthopaedic community and are fundamentally changing the practice of orthopaedic surgery. Bundled payments and other value-based methodologies have largely been focused thus far on primary joint replacement; however, the number of revision surgeries is increasing at a rapid rate – making the issue of value increasingly important in this setting as well. Revision surgery is costly and complex with variability in processes, which presents significant opportunity for those providers who master this value approach to develop a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This symposium will discuss the processes, costs, and outcomes of revision arthroplasty to identify potential areas for improvement. At the conclusion of this symposium, the attendee should be able to identify several areas where reducing unnecessary expenditures and non-value added care can improve outcomes and reduce costs in revision surgery.